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Lenten Meditations 
By the Members of
St. Augustine of Canterbury Episcopal Church
Navarre, Florida
for 2016
The Link above will download a PDF version of this year's Lenten Meditations by members of the parish.


During the Epiphany Season at St. Augustine’, we shine the light for each other in writing Lenten Meditations.   We  create   our own little version of the famous “Forward Day by Day” to read together during Lent.


Two ways to “keep” Lent are Scripture reading and prayer Scripture reading can fortify us when we least expect it. When he faced temptation in the desert, Jesus relied on Scripture for strength and courage in the face of the Enemy. It is an impressive weapon for us as well. The layers upon layers of meaning and truth within the Bible feed our souls in surprising and refreshing ways as we travel through this life. We look at this project  as a way to share the journey of those 40 days, together, as all the tribes of Israel did after leaving Egypt. Because if you’re going to travel in the desert (Lent), it’s always a good idea to take friends with you!


Bible passages to use in daily  prayer for Lent are listed on pages 951-957 of the Book of Common Prayer. 2016  is  Year 2. and those are the readings incluced here. Please join us in the journey. Read the Bible with us every day of Lent, and see what your friends at St. Augustine's thought about these selections! 

This booklet is a way that we can keep Lent together, as a community, by sharing our reflections with each other. Sometimes it is exciting to go through a daily lectionary’s readings and discover something you never saw before, no matter how many times you have read that passage in the past. The Holy Spirit loves surprises!



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