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St. Augustine's is a very active parish with plenty of opportunities for you to use your spiritual gifts. Click the menu above for links to our Vestry and Staff, Server Schedule, Christian Formation programs, Youth activities, Facebook Feed, and All Souls' Garden.


Altar Guild

The Altar Guild prepares the altar for any service held in the church, and assists the priest whenever necessary. the members are also responsible for cleaning the altars, caring for the sacred vessels, and securing the necessary articles to be used at any service. Membership in the Altar Guild is open to men and women of any age.

Flower Guild

The Flower Guild take turns doing the arrangements. We purchase flowers from Publix or bring flowers and greens from our yards and prepare the vases on Saturdays. For Easter and Christmas, we work together and with the Altar Guild, to decorate with the lilies and poinsettias. The Flower Guild encourages and welcomes everyone interested in joining us in this enjoyable service to our church.

Prayer Guild

Prayer Guild: Our chain of prayer warriors pray individually and in group for the needs, concerns and illnesses of those who sign our prayer registry. Charleen Clark is the contact person.


Those who sing pray TWICE!

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